Why MPP video?

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Our focus isn't just providing top of the peak quality video, we're focused on the outcome. What ideas woven together will trigger the emotional wants and needs of the viewers and result in increased profit to your business.


Video has taken over!

Research shows video is the best type of content with the best ROI.

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Websites that use video as a marketing tool have on average a 4.8 percent conversion rate compared to 2.9 percent conversion rate for websites that don’t use video.

How we do it

We make it EXCITING!

Excitement comes from triggering people's emotions. People don't buy products or services. They buy emotional gratification.

(Getting your final video usually takes just one week!)


Who's your customer?

The first critical step in the marketing process, is knowing who you're marketing to. People who are interested in people and connection, people who are interested in things and reliability, or people interested in ideas and innovation. Let's find out precisely who you're marketing to so that we can come up with the right script and visual elements to tell your story. 

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  • Discover the emotional wants and needs

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Write a script

  • Plan shooting locations, times, etc.


Lights, Camera,  Action

The second step is where we bring the script to life. If you're camera shy, don't worry we'll know how to coach you!

We've got a teleprompter!

  • Set up the lighting

  • Put on the mic

  • Capture the script


Post Production

Time to Edit

Here's where all the pieces come together. We'll edit the captured script into an emotionally and visually compelling video ad. You kick back, relax, and soon be amazed!

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  • Acquire Stock Footage

  • Sound FX

  • Licensed Music

  • Piece together the captured script

  • Always keeping in mind the emotional effect

Wait There's More!


The first 6 seconds of a video ad are the most crucial. People on social media have the attention span of a fly, so we use ways to draw them in.

Relatable Captions

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Visual Enticement

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Unusual or interesting

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It's got to be shareable!


It's got to be talked about!


It's got to be liked!


Need help with marketing?

We're connected with excellent ad agencies that have proven results in boosting businesses on all platforms. We make the nets, they throw the nets. You buy the jets...

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...and have fun with your pets.